Teacher holds an important role in art education. Don’t underestimate the role of art teacher in transferring knowledge. Some people say that being an art teacher is very easy profession. But, it is not merely true. Every art teacher needs to understand the leadership on how to be responsible to students and guide them. The art teacher must be a huge inspiration in the class. The teacher doesn’t teach on how to draw, give an example of picture, and transfer art knowledge. The roles of art teacher are designing, motivating, guiding, evaluating, and holding an art auction during art class activities. This seems to be complex in which guiding and motivating students are the most difficult job to do. Applying in a certain school to be an art teacher must be done to enrich knowledge and experience in this field. Don’t forget to bring a good art teacher resume with you.

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If you want to be an art teacher, you must take art teacher resume. Don’t bring a random resume. The resume is a crucial medium for interview and getting a job as art teacher. There are some criteria and considerations before sending the resume. Firstly, the resume must be short. Don’t ever make a long resume with spinning sentences because it makes people lazy and bored to read it. Just write down simple sentences with fewer pages describing you and selling you as a competent person to be an art teacher. The interviewers cannot read all resumes in details because there are so many resumes to check.  Then, a resume must be brief. A short resume will be powerful with brief information and data of you. So, put some important points only about you on the art teacher resume. The standard of resume template is flexible. But, you may use this resume example to make a good resume.