Having a career in catering can be perfect for those who love to work in food preparing, cooking, and serving. There are several job positions in catering industry. Some of them are cook, server, and assistant. Each of them have different responsibilities. Cook is responsible for preparing and cooking the foods. Meanwhile, server is responsible for preparing the dining area. It includes, decorating the dining area and arranging the meals, plates and other dining utensil. Moreover, catering assistant is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of cooking area, washing cooking and dining equipment, and helping the cook in preparing food. If you want to work in a catering industry but you are not trained in cooking, you can apply for catering assistant or catering server position. Both of them don’t require special qualification. To have this job, you only need to have high school diploma, customer service skill, good communication skill, and capable of doing mathematical calculation. To apply for one of those position, you need to have interesting catering resume.

Recommended Resume Template for Catering

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If you want to have more opportunities in getting this job, you need to make your resume interesting to read. You can make a resume like by choosing the right word to describe your skills, qualities, and experience. Moreover, you must also make sure that your resume has all the important and relevant information. Another thing that can make your catering resume more interesting is that by arranging it in attractive format. This kind of format will enable you to show your creativity and cleverness. Therefore, you will be able to impress your future employers.

If you have some problems in creating an interesting resume, you can stop worrying. This resume template will be your best solution for it. This template has interesting and perfect resume sample that is arranged in smart and eye-catching layout. You only need to edit it a little before you send it to the caterer you choose. Good luck.