Do you want to apply a computer science internship? If you want to do it, here is a recommended resume. This computer science internship resume is simple and brief in which it gets interest of people to read it. This is supporting your efforts to seek computer science internship in companies or offices depending on finding the other resumes of this occupation. Computer science internship is a practice that is usually conducted by the last-semester students. It also becomes a bridge of working and studying. This is important to increase mental and abilities of people to work in computer science. It is closely related to computer and its components.

Recommended Resume Template for Computer Science Internship

Resume-Templates-34 Computer Science Internship Resume Template
33 Computer Science Internship Resume Template
Resume-Templates-29 Computer Science Internship Resume Template

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When you want to make a resume for this internship, it needs to make detailed and brief where people reading it attract your ability and skills on it. This resume sells your great skills to the employers. It contains personal data, skills and abilities, working internship experience, your department, and certificates that you got during studying in computer science. After you have completed all data and documents on the resume, it is time to compose sentences beautifully and attractively to promote yourself. This computer science internship resume is not always made in complex and complicated sentences. As long as it is readable and promoting, it is accepted by everyone.

There are so many templates and resumes that are not attractive so that it makes you lose a big chance to practice in a certain company. Don’t imitate it. Try persuading management of the company with your own words and sentences in an interesting package of resume template. This resume template is possibly printed in hardcopy. But, it doesn’t matter if you send it via email. Both ways are commonly conducted. After sending it, it just waits for the confirmation of companies which will hire you there.