If you are about to make construction manager resume, you need learn what the content and design template which will make it stand out. Construction manager is a job where you may concern more about the field job and non-clerical one. But, it doesn’t mean you can forget about making an interesting resume.


The content of construction manager resume is mostly the standard of those other field jobs. Here you need to mention your profile in brief, and focus more on the skills, knowledge and experience in the same field. For the recommendation, it’s better for you to list the skills needed for construction manager resume instead of explain it in a paragraph. It helps the resume reviewers to notice the highlights right away. As for the knowledge and experience, make sure you don’t only mention the place and the time when you get it, but also the activities descriptions and responsibilities you hold during those period.

Recommended Resume Template for Construction Manager 

39 Construction Manager Resume Template and Sample
30 Construction Manager Resume Template and Sample
49 Construction Manager Resume Template and Sample

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Template Design

What about the template design for construction manager resume? It has to be simple, in term of not too many decoration or the use of cute and curly fonts and colors. Indeed, it will be too plain to create a black-and-white resume. Therefore, it’s better to color the resume with earthy tones color choices. Use the color for the separator line and the sub-headings in the resume. Don’t splash too many colors in here and there because it will be too much and only makes your resume looks less professional. What about the design? There are a lot of creative option on how to place which description in which place. You can make it into one column or more. If it’s too impractical for you to design the template by your own, thus, you may need to explore the available samples of construction manager resume below and you’ll surely find one that meet your needs.