Correctional officer works in jail. His main responsibility is maintaining the safety and peace in a jail. To achieve it, he will perform various duties. Some of them are supervising the inmates’ activities, enforcing order and rules in jail, inspecting the facility and making sure that its condition is within the standard, providing counseling and rehabilitation for offenders, searching for contraband, and preventing escapes and other disturbance. He also need to make report on the inmates’ conduct. Working as correctional officer can be dangerous and stressing. It is more perfect for those who are brave and capable of stay calm no matter the situation is. To be a correctional officer, ones need at least high school diploma and correctional officer training. Some institution require college degree in criminal justice. In order to perform this job, ones also need to have certain qualities, such as interpersonal skill, physical strength, negotiating skill, and self-discipline. If you have those qualifications and want to apply for this job, you need to prepare your correctional officer resume.

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You can improve your chance of getting this job, you need to write an excellent resume. An excellent correctional officer resume will impress your future employer. That’s why you will be regarded as a better candidate for this job and get the interview invitation. To create an impressive resume, you need to make sure that it contains all the essential qualities of a correctional officer. This information must be written faultlessly and clearly. Moreover, you must also arrange your resume in eye-catching format.

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