People who have been graduated from Psychology program will need counseling resume. Become a counselor is a good choice, because the profession can help many people to solve the problem that relates to mental health. Talking about counseling resume, there are some elements should be included into it. The best way to make a good resume is writing it tidily and using good language.

Recommended Counseling Resume Template 

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What are the Parts of Counseling Resume?

Making a good counseling resume is easy thing as long as you know the part of it. Here are the elements that usually appear in counseling resume:

  • Full Names and Address
    Write your full name and your address in the first part of resume.
  • Summary of Qualifications
    Try to explain your qualifications. Write it using good language to make the company want to accept you.
  • Education
    Write education or school where you have ever studied in it.
  • Professional Experience
    If you have professional experience, write the detail of it. Write all of your experience that will make the company believe in you and want to accept you as a counselor.
  • Certifications
    Write every type of certification that has been got. It is important to make your resume looks perfect.
  • Professional Development
    If you have joined seminar or other professional development, write it on your resume.
  • Affiliation
    It can be included into your resume. Write every organization where you join in.

About template, there are so many types of template you can use. The best tip for you is choosing the template that will allow you to write the information in complete and detail format. Choose a template that will make your resume looks good and tidy. A template with complete elements may be so helpful for you. It also makes the company believe in you and want to accept you. After that, write your resume and print or send it via email. Hopefully you will get your desired job as a counselor after using a good counseling resume template.