Do you want to be an event planner? If so, the first thing you have to consider is event planner resume. By writing a good resume, you will get a chance to be hired by your desired company. But, you have to make sure that you are able to handle all the things relate to event planning.

An event planner should have ability in arranging, designing, and planning various types of event such as business meeting, conferences, road shows, exhibitions, social events, and more. So, not only good in planning event, an event planner should have good communication skill to coordinate all the things that relate to event will be held.

Then, if you want to be hired as event planner, you have to prepare good event planner resume. You have to write about your skill, information and other elements that will make the company want to hire you. The common elements that always found in event planner resume are Full Name & Address, Profile Summary, Competences/Skills, Education, Objective Statement and Professional Experiences.

Recommended Resume Template for Event Planner

11-1 Event Planner Resume Template  and Sample
38 Event Planner Resume Template  and Sample
15 Event Planner Resume Template  and Sample

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Try to write all elements by using good language and also inserting some vocabularies that relate to skills you have. Avoid appearing that you are boasting. You should write the real information. Try to write your skills, but make sure that you really master the skills you have written in your resume.

About template, there are so many event planner templates you can use. Every template has different layout, so you have to be smart in choosing template. Try to choose template which has good design and color. You can choose simple template, but the template can allow you to write details information in your resume. By using that template, your chance to be hired by the company will be bigger. But don’t create the resume more than 2 pages. Try to write simple event planner resume, but all important information about you can be inserted into that resume.