Being a flight attendant is fun and challenging. It is perfect for you who love travelling. To get this job, you must prepare the most excellent flight attendant resume. This particular job actually doesn’t require certain education. People with high school diploma can apply for this job. However, this hospitality position need certain skills. And you must make sure to highlight these skills on your resume.

Before you make your flight attendant resume, you must be sure that you can meet the requirement. Airlines usually set some physical requirement for their flight attendance. One of the most important one is height. You need at least to be 5’1 tall to be a flight attendant. You must be in good health, not addicted to drugs or alcohol, and well-groomed. Once you feel that you can meet those requirement, you can start writing your resume.

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59 Flight Attendant Resume Template and Sample
38 Flight Attendant Resume Template and Sample
34 Flight Attendant Resume Template and Sample

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When you are writing it, you must highlight all your skills and competencies that are needed as a flight attendant. Some of them are food preparation skill, meal service skill, presentation skill, and communication skill. If you have some experience in being a flight attendant, you must highlight what you do, your responsibility, and your achievement in that job.

The content of your resume is very important. However, you must also remember to have the right format for it. The best resume format will make your resume easy-to-read and looks professional. Here, we have some resume template that is perfect for flight attendant position. With this collection, you can write your resume easier. It will help you to decide which skills and experience to highlight. Some of these samples are pretty simple. But, you can find one that is more colorful and still professional. Download the flight attendant resume you like and create your most excellent resume with it. Good Luck.

Flight Attendant Resume Template

3-1 Flight Attendant Resume Template and Sample

Flight Attendant Cover Letter Template

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