Having a freelance job is perfect for college students and those who want to have more time at home. One of the popular freelance jobs is freelance writer. This job is perfect for those who have excellent writing skill and love to write. A writer who works on freelance basis has some duties. His main duty is writing on various subjects. However, in order to create excellent writings, he must also perform certain research, proof read his works, and edit them. A freelance writer needs to have the right skills and qualities in order to achieve success. Some of the most important ones are creativity, writing skills, communication skill, and professionalism. If you love writing and have those qualities, you can apply for this position and send your freelance writer resume.

Recommended Resume Template for Freelance Writer 

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Creating a freelance writer resume is a bit different from writing common job application resume. The thing that makes it different is how you write your working experience. In a freelance writer resume, you do not only mention the institution of your previous station. But, you must also provide information about your most recognizable works published on certain magazine and newspaper. And don’t forget to include the date of the post. If you have copywriting experience, you need to provide the type of project, client name/ website name, and how many views your article had in a week. Aside from describing your working experience in detail, you also need to provide information about your qualities and education background. And to make your resume more interesting to read, you need to arrange it in the best resume format.

If you have some difficulty in creating the best resume, you can use our resume template. It offers you with resume sample in interesting layout. As a result, you can highlight the information on your freelance writer resume more clearly. Hopefully, you can get the job you apply.