Being a lawyer can be very rewarding financially. Most offices or companies usually need this position to deal with their legal matters. Moreover, there are many people who need Lawyers to assist them in dealing with their court case, real estate transaction, divorce, and many others. As a result, lawyers will always have a job to do. To be an excellent lawyer, ones need combination of excellent law school education, skills, and experience. If you want to start your career in this financially rewarding position, you need to first have a degree in law. And to study this program, you have to send your most excellent law school resume so that you are accepted by the best law school.

Recommended Resume Template for Law School

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40-1 Law School Resume Template and Sample

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Writing a law school resume is different from writing an employment resume. It contains your education background, internship programs you’ve joined or experience, and extracurricular activities.  When you are creating a law school application resume, you need to consider several things. One of them is language. It is better to use simple language. If you need to use certain jargon in describing your working experience, you have to provide it with the explanation. In describing your qualification, you need to be as detailed as possible. Moreover, you need to mention all your working experience and internship program. Therefore, it is okay to have more than 2 pages of resume for this purpose. Another thing you must consider is the resume format. A law school application resume doesn’t need attractive resume format. You had better to keep it simple and professional

If you need an assistance to create a brilliant resume, you can use our law school application resume template. This template will make things a lot easier to do. It has formal and simple design and already featured with excellent resume example. You only need to customize it a little to create an excellent law school resume. Good luck.