Being a lawyer is actually a challenging job profession. The lawyer needs to give legal defense with advice or giving the defense in the court. To be a good lawyer, the lawyer must defend rights and business of the clients in accordance with the justified boundaries. There are some complex duties of being a good lawyer. Those are negotiating law cases, acting an intermediary, giving good advice legally and non legal, making law letters and documents, checking constitutions, investigating facts, studying laws, and protecting human rights of the clients. To be a professional lawyer, a person must fill several requirements. A lawyer must handle minimal 5 civil cases and 10 internship criminal cases.  Then, they must follow a ethic code test of lawyer, and civil law and criminal law test, and ask the legality from the highest institution in the country. After you have fulfilled those requirements, it is time to take a good lawyer resume to apply in a certain law and advocate offices.

Recommended Resume Template for Lawyer

Resume-Templates-29 Lawyer Resume Template and Sample
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40-1 Lawyer Resume Template and Sample

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If you want to be a professional lawyer, make sure that you have made a good and interesting lawyer resume. This is useful for gaining a desirable lawyer profession. When you make a resume, it concerns on several things. A good lawyer resume is short and brief. Don’t make too long resume because an interviewer has no long time to read your resume in details. The interviewers just have 20 to 30 seconds to grasp the information on the resume. A brief resume is more readable because it puts only important data and information. Moreover, it uses simple sentences representing the message of personal data and information needed. Be careful on writing the products, names, and institutions. Check the spelling, sentences, and grammatical formation to minimize the errors. If you have met it, a lawyer resume can be sent via email or together with application letter.