Who wants to be a librarian? It looks simple and easy because it only arranges books in the library. But, it is more than that duty. Librarian is a responsible person in arranging documentation including guidance of programmer, operator, and the other employees in the field of library. This is also responsible to handle all computer files related to books, information of books, list of books, and all things of library collections. Being a good librarian needs to study in a librarian program in order to be able to run the job properly. The librarian must organize library materials that are mostly collections of library books. It must be manage source of information and use it for society like print work, record work, and multimedia. It needs to review to develop library, information, and documentation. Despite of those main job descriptions, a librarian must handle library jobs individually or in groups like writing articles, composing abstracts, and translating.

Recommended Resume Template for Librarian 

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Being a good librarian needs to make a reliable librarian resume for seeking a job. A form of resume usually determines the success of finding a job as librarian. Be careful and detailed to arrange information and data into the resume. You must be honest to put all facts and personal information. Don’t make fake information because it harms you. A good resume must be brief and short. A long resume is not recommended. If it is long, it is not a real resume. You don’t write a short story or autobiography requiring long and beautiful sentences. Just write it down fewer pages with simple sentences. It is importantly readable and eye catching to make readers reading it. It puts some important points related to personal data and information and achievements in the previous job as a librarian. A good librarian resume determines the success of finding a job.