If you want to start a career as a massage therapist, you must have post secondary education on this subject and certification. Once you acquire it, you can prepare your massage therapist resume. Working as this particular therapist is not easy. It requires energy, knowledge, skills, and techniques. In consequence, you must be sure to mention all your best traits on your resume.

When you write your resume, you must not forget to write about your knowledge on anatomy and physiology. Being knowledgeable in this field is very crucial for therapist. Your extensive knowledge on it will help you provide the best massage therapy to your clients. Another thing that you need to jot down on your resume is knowledgeable on pathology. It is important for a massage therapist to be capable of identifying injuries and illnesses. And it is also essential for them to be able to decide whether or not to massage the patients. As a therapist, you must also mention your knowledge and ability in massage modalities.

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Aside from the technical knowledge and skills above, you must also mention some soft skills that you master on your massage therapist resume. One of them is interpersonal skill. As a massage therapist, you must be able to make your clients feel more comfortable during the session. And you can do it by talking to them and saying some soothing expression to help them ease the pain. You must also be able to keep records on client’s massage since it is considered as a medical record. To protect your clients’ health, you need to know how to sanitize the materials used in the practice

If you have difficulty in writing the resume, we have some resume template for massage therapist. This template has simple but professional design. With this template, you can highlight your skills, professional experience, and educational background easily. Download the massage therapist resume template now.