Some people say that being a model is easy. All you have to do is posing in front of camera, right? Well, it is not as simple as it looks. When you decided to be a model, you must learn all basic modelling skills like how to pose in front of camera, how to walk in a catwalk, how to apply different kind of makeup, how to enhance your communication skills to persuade clients to use you as their ambassador and so on.

Once you learnt all basic skills, now you must learn how to make model resume that will entice the agents. It is uncommon for big clients work with freelancer models, they tend to come to the agents and ask them to recommend a perfect model that will suit with their products. So the first step for you must do is applying to reputable agents with good resume.

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3 Model Resume Template and Sample
4 Model Resume Template and Sample
4-1 Model Resume Template and Sample

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When you make resume for a job as a model, you must create resume that will catch the eyes. Since the agents or clients will get thousand resumes from all over places, it is recommended to make resume with only fewer pages. Make sure that there are no spelling mistakes in your model resume, especially for the clients’ or the products’ name. It will indicate that you do not care with them and you have lack enthusiasm to work with them. Make a list of your positive attributes from physical appearance to your inner qualities. Do not forget to list all your professional experiences as a model.

For layout or template, there are no standard templates. But along with this article we give you the sample of resume. With the template we give you, at least you will know what the things you should fill in your model resume. Hope we can help you get your dream job. Good luck!

Model Resume Template

model-resume-1 Model Resume Template and Sample

Model Cover Letter Template

model-cover-letter Model Resume Template and Sample

Template Details

  • Editable  Color and Font
  • Format  Photoshop PSD and Microsoft Word
  • Layout  Vertical
  • Dimension  A4 and Letter

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