If you want to work in modeling, you must prepare few things like modeling resume and portfolio. The difference between these two is the resume will tell the potential clients about your previous works or we can say your professional experience. While portfolio is a collection of your work and it must be in the visual form. It can be your best shots in various pose or some pictures from your previous professional works. Your resume must show the clients that you are the person whom they are looking for.

In the modelling resume template, you should write a clear description of your physical appearance and of course your positive qualities. Then make a list of your professional experiences in modeling. If you want, you can write with whom you had worked. Spelling mistake is a no-no in modelling resume. The clients will disappoint and think that you are not enthusiastic to work with them if they see you had the wrong spells.

Recommended Resume Template for Modeling

40 Modeling Resume Template and Sample
7 Modeling Resume Template and Sample
11 Modeling Resume Template and Sample

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For the template, you can create whatever you want but make sure it is readable and attractive. It is okay to use cute fonts but do not be overly. The same rule is applied for the color template. Use soft colors or limit only one or two colors. Flashy colors will only distract your clients from what have written in your resume. Keep updating your resume. Clients will more impress to a model who still active in the job. Since the agents and clients will be busy sorting out resumes from thousand models, they prefer resume with one or two pages to multiple pages.  We have a sample of modeling resume which you can use to apply the job. To download it, just click the link we give you. You only have to edit it with your personal information. Hope this modeling resume will give you a chance to get the job. Good luck!

Modelling Resume Template

model-resume-1 Modeling Resume Template and Sample

Modelling Cover Letter Template

model-cover-letter Modeling Resume Template and Sample

Template Details

  • Editable  Color and Font
  • Format  Photoshop PSD and Microsoft Word
  • Layout  Vertical
  • Dimension  A4 and Letter

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