Composing a professional-looking personal trainer resume can be tough when you don’t know what to include and add. Personal trainer is expected to be resourceful in developing a program and to care enough to help people. This job deals with personal interaction, mastery in training skill, and friendly character none the least. If you want to be accepted for a position, you better include the following elements in your resume.

Recommended Resume Template for Personal Trainer

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Your Personal Contact Information
It needs to be on the top of your personal trainer resume so the institution or fitness club can contact you immediately. Make sure you add multiple options of contact.

Your Objective
Be specific on your job objective and elaborate a little. For example, explain that you are after the personal trainer position as you have excellent program building skill and you love helping people out.

Mention Your Experience
Don’t forget to chronologically mention your entire experiences, especially ones that should boost your image as personal trainer. In this case, mention all experiences related to your personal trainer career path.

Education and Certification
If you build your skill due to formal education, mention it on your resume with a contact for employer to confirm. Don’t forget to mention all your training certifications. The original copy of the certificates can be scanned to be attached on the file if you want to but it isn’t an obligation.

If you have received any awards, commendations, and special recognition in any way in this field, list it on your resume. It makes you look like a high achiever.

Special Skills and Hobbies
If you can speak multiple languages or if you have any other supporting skill, make sure it is listed. List of hobby should give the employer clear look on your fun and reliable character.  

If this is new for you, you may need a little example for the resume. Here we also recommend a professional-looking yet fun template for your personal trainer resume. Good luck for the job!