With so many rivals are after the job as well, your pharmacy technician resume needs to be powerful in selling you. Even though you work under supervision of licensed pharmacist, you still need to supply medicine to patients under prescription and over the counter, to assemble medicine based on prescriptions, to provide information to other health care professional and patients. In addition to it, you may also need to supervise other staff, produce medicine in industry or hospital, and manage the medicine supply area. This isn’t a simple job. Make sure your resume tells your potential employer to know these following aspects.

Recommended Resume Template for Pharmacy Technician 

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59 Pharmacy Technician Resume Template and Sample
35 Pharmacy Technician Resume Template and Sample

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Multiple Contact Information
Don’t give them only one option of contact information in your pharmacy technician resume. You may want to be reached through your mobile phone, but they may need your email address and your mailing address as well. Make sure they can reach you as fast as they want it.

Skills and Educational Background
In chronological order, make a list of your educational background. The list should include your formal education, internship experience, special courses you take, and any other related details. It should be necessary to list your other good skills like multilingual ability or good leadership skill.

Achievement and Success
Don’t forget to show off your special achievement. It makes you special among the other possible candidates. If you have received any special recognition or award in your previous working place, you need to include it.

Reason to Apply
Don’t give them a crap about you need money. Make a nice statement showing your need on the job and your vision for the company or institution. It makes you honest yet worth the attention.

If you still need a real example, we have a very recommended pharmacy technician resume sample to adapt. You can use it as well and adjust as you need it.