Today, in this highly competitive environment that has been currently rocked by unemployment and recession, it is essential to submit your resume in such a way that it will attract the attention of the reader and impress him at the same time. This combination will you an opportunity to get the dream job that you are applying for. For this reason, you need to know the fundamental tips for writing a job-winning resume.

Introduction to Resume Templates

Resume templates are the already made formats for outlining your resume. All you need to do is to fill your personal details in the format and your resume is ready for presentation. There are various resume templates specially designed for various jobs or job positions. You need to make sure to select the suitable one for you.

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These are the three primary resume templates types you can consider:


This type of resume template is specially designed to highlight the skills, accomplishments, and credentials. Unlike other resume templates that mention the company location or the length of employment, this template covers your past positions in various companies. The functional resume template presents your potential employer your skills and strengths in a certain area.


The chronological resume template shows your past employments in a chronological way, starting with the most current one. The point of this type of template is to present your potential employer the length of your employment together with your advancement.


As the name says, this type of template is a combination of both chronological and functional. The focus is on all your skills and achievements relevant to your position that covers history for education and employment. You need to remember that with this type of resume, the chronological order starts with your first position all the way to your most recent one.

Choosing the Right Template

Dealing with the resume writing can be something frustrating as well and you can deal with the right solution to make it much simpler by getting the right resume template. There are hundreds resume templates that you can choose in this website. Still, sometimes people are getting frustrated choosing one from those options since there will be various choices. Here are some ideas and tips on choosing the right resume template for you since the need of each person will be different from others.

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  • The first thing you can consider the field and industry regarding to the job which you are going to apply for.
  • Then you need to also consider the kind of job which you will apply for and consider the type of experience, skill, education which is needed for that position. That will affect to the resume.
  • Then, if you have deal with the things or points above, you can choose the kind of the resume template which will be suitable the most to them.

In this site, you will find some categories so that you will experience the simplicity on searching and making a decision. The categories of resume templates which can be found here are:

Basic and Simple Resume

Once again, when you are choosing the resume template, you need to consider the field an industry of the job. If it is the job of non creative industry the conservative type of resume is a good idea. The basic, sleek, yet simple one will give you the professional look as well. The touch of a bit tone will also be great to make you a bit stand out.

Clean Resume

If you need the more varieties but still have the basic look, the clean resume will be what you need. That has the basic and simple resume look but it uses more extra tones with the extra creativities as well, but still it looks that clean and sleek for the professional look.

Professional Resume

The professional resume is great for the kind of job and industry which is really in the basic form and requires the high professional point. This commonly uses the standard or basic one with the standard neutral tone.

Modern Resume

The simple and basic backbone which are streamlined and also that classic is still applied in the modern resume templates. The difference is on the use of the modern twists which are applied there. The layouts of this resume category will be great for various fields of industries, as like Web developer, IT, and many more.

Portfolio resume

If you are going to apply the job which is in the creative industry, as like the position of designer, photographer, and so on, the portfolio resume templates will be what you are looking for. That will show your creativity and also skill. That will represent your work as well.

Creative Resume

The field of industry of creative, which will of course value the creativity, the creative resume template will be that suitable for you. The resume templates in the category offers the layout which is non traditional. That is commonly stunning for its visual appearance without look too much.

Tabular resume

From the name, this is the category of the resume templates in which each of the resume has the content which is organized into the tables. That gives the unique, structured, yet professional look.

Advantages of Using Resume Templates

The biggest advantage when using resume template is that it makes the whole writing process simpler. Using one can also mean that your resume will be written in a correct form. There are specific styles and fonts that have to be kept in mind when writing a resume. But with using a template you can be absolutely sure that you have used the precise fonts or styles and your mind can concentrate on filling the important information.

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The templates are mostly designed by professionals and they certainly know the significance of having bullet point format or enough white space. You shouldn’t try to avoid the use of the bullet points or reduce the white space. Professionals did their job and yours is to choose the ideal type of template.

No matter if you are writing a resume for the first time or maybe rewriting a new one, using a resume template can be of a huge assistance.

Resume Examples

There are many examples you also can use as reference to make your resume. And, you can use the example that also use the resume templates that you want to use. This will give you idea to create perfect resume with that template. By using those methods above, you can maximize the usage of the resume templates that you can find. And, the good thing, you can apply those methods on many resume templates including the free or premium one.

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