If you are looking for new security officer post, then, you must prepare a superb security resume. A superb resume will help you get through the first screening process. As a result, you will have more possibilities to get this new job. To create an excellent resume, you write it as best as you can. There must no typo in it. Plus, it must be well-organized. Moreover, your resume must emphasize your qualification.

To be a security officer, you will have many responsibilities. In consequence, you need to have relevant skills to meet those responsibilities. And it is essential for you to mention all the important skills on your security resume. These skills are divided into two categories. The first is security skills. It involves your ability in resolving conflicts, facing emergency situation calmly and efficiently, and using security equipment and technology, such as, firearms, alarm and surveillance camera. You must also have good eye and observing skill. It will help you detect incoming threat. In consequence, the area and its occupants are safe.

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The other skill category is non-security skill. It involves communicative skill and customer service skill. As a security officer, you will likely greet people and talk to them when something bad happens. That’s why you must have communicative skill. Plus, you have a responsibilities to help people in various situations. In consequence, you have to possess customer service skills and be polite and friendly.

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