Working as a food server can be rewarding due to the tips given by the customers. If you are interested in starting a career as a food server, you must create a brilliant server resume. A server gets rewarding tips because he possess various skills. And if you have those skills, you must mention them on your resume. It will surely give you higher chance to get this job.

One of the skills you need to mention on your resume is attention to detail. Some customers are pretty fussy. That’s why you must write the order in details and make sure that the kitchen staffs prepare the order as requested. Your resume must also tell that you have great customer service skills. This skill is essential if you want to get a lot of tips. Customers will be happy served by a friendly, smiling, and polite server. As a result, you will get more tips.

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The two skills above are not enough to land you a job as a server. If you want to have higher possibility to be accepted, you must also mention your knowledge on food safety and cuisine and beverage pairing. As a server, you must also have good mathematical aptitude and energy. Being fit and energetic will help you face the pressure of being a server.

Writing a server resume can be difficult. You need to arrange the content in the best resume format so that everything is highlighted clearly. If you need some samples of resume for server, we have some template to offer. This template will enable you to write your resume easily.

The design of the template is interesting and yet formal. You can surely attract the owner of the restaurant to read your resume with this template. This brilliant template is simply perfect for this position. Download our server resume template now.