What is social media resume actually? This is basically your personal as well as professional resume that is published in your social media accounts. It has been a new thing recently with social media is dominating almost everything and it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It can be used to boost your professional look to get the targeted job but you need to make it right. Here are several major keys to make a powerful one.

Recommended Resume Template for Social Media 

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57 Social Media Resume Template and Sample
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Best QR Face Forward
This is a smart as well as up-to-date way to lead someone at anything related to you in social media. Make sure you have the best photo with clear QR code to scan.

Sell Yourself in Your Social Media
Don’t settle in general and common thing. Use your social media account to express yourself. Pick a theme, use some shades of colors, and choose your own style.

Leverage Your Pages
Use all possible features to enhance your social media resume. It can be a welcome tour to your resume with explanation on how to explore your resume and something creative.

Post Video
Make videos and make a special presentation of you. You can start with welcome video and finish with demonstration video that show your expertise the most.

Provide Your Links
You need to make sure people can access your other social media accounts easily. You can provide the links so they are just a click away from your current page.

Provide Personalized Print Resume
Gather the entire information about you on a printable resume. Make sure it reflects you the most in content and styling.

Don’t be confused. This can be too complicated at first, but it is totally fun and self-relieving as well. We recommend nice template for thissocial media resume, yet you can still add your personal touch. Have a try.