Being a social work is often claimed to be honor job ever. This requires a strong commitment to overcome social problems. This job has no patent working time starting from morning to afternoon. It is often conducted out of the working time. A social work is a profession of human and social helps. The aim of this profession is helping functions of social, individual, family, and community. In reality, social work is responsible to society in helping them restoring and getting back social functions. This is used to force society appearing social chances to achieve life prosperity. To be a social work, it must be professional because problems handled are related social field. This is also a profession requiring passion to help people and human around you. Social problems will always occur as long as human live. So, don’t get bored in solving it.

Recommended Resume Template for Social Work

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resume-template-5 Social Work Resume Template and Sample
Resume-Templates-30 Social Work Resume Template and Sample

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If you want to be a social work, you need that commitment and passion. After that, you apply a social work resume to be a medium to recognize your skills and abilities in handling social problems. Make sure that the resume must be comprehensive, readable, and reliable to your skills. Put all skills and abilities that you had. If you have certificates related to social education or fields, it will be plus values to work as a social work. What about achievements? Having achievements can be included on social work resume. This is useful to strengthen your position to be an amateur social work. It rules out the possibility to change it to be a professional social work. The social work resume must be brief and short. Long is not always good. This is happened to social work resume. You need to make a short resume with simple and promoting sentences. Those tend to be readable. Long resume is ineffective because readers get bored in reading it.