Some people regard that being a sous chef is a kind of easy chef job. All the things to do is cooking foods and handling food recipes. Is it right? Actually it is not as simple and easy as it looks.  Sous chef is assistant of executive chef and has a same field of common chef duties. This is the second highest position of chef after executive chef. It is often called to be executive chef assistant. Sous chef is responsible to give and make schedule on the kitchen staffs when executive chef is off duty. In addition, it is closely related to food recipes. But, sous chef is rarely found in small kitchen.

This chef position can be found in some hotels, and kitchen department. This chef is responsible to control treatment, and food commodities to run the duties of that kitchen. It is also to check completeness from place, food standard, and serving requirements. This is doing totally menu of sold foods based on item menus so that it gives food preparation. If you want to work as sous chef, you may make a good sous chef resume.  It is able to help you seeking the job of sous chef.

Recommended Resume Template for Sous Chef 

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32 Sous Chef Resume Template and Sample
34 Sous Chef Resume Template and Sample

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To make a sous chef resume, it needs to meet some requirements needed. This focuses on the achievements not duties and responsibilities. It makes interviewers get interested in the things to do and achievements depending on your duties. Make sure that you delete unimportant information when you make a sous chef resume. You have to ensure all information on the resume increasing your chances to gain your dream job. If you still write down the unimportant information, it will make the resume full and irrelevant description. Don’t make the other people confused on that information. It should describe your skills and abilities related to sous chef.