Working on technical support resume? Don’t worry because we will help you to make one which is interesting enough for the employer to hire you. Here, not only you will find the best resume template for your resume, you will also learn how to fill up the resume with the appropriate content.


We start with what things needed to be mentioned on our technical support resume. Just like the other technician jobs, the technical support resume should mention the knowledge, skills and experience in the related field in the specific, detailed, yet brief ways. It’s better to write your personal information such as address, email, and phone numbers below your name and photo. Make sure you don’t need too much space to write them down. After that, a little summary about yourself may complete the resume, but just make sure you don’t make it long enough. 2-3 sentences are the ideal ones. Next, highlight the skills you have for being a technical support in list to make it easy for the employers in reviewing your resume. Last but not least, mention your educational background, training certificate, and work experience in the related field. Don’t forget to write down the place and time you get them as well as the description of works you do during the study and work.

Recommended Resume Template for Technical Support

21 Technical Support Resume Template and Sample
resume-template-3 Technical Support Resume Template and Sample
33 Technical Support Resume Template and Sample

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Template Design

Most technical support have been familiar with computer, yet may still get confused in making the best and creative template design. The important thing is to find neutral and bold color for the template design to represent the boldness which mostly related to the job you work in. Use only one or two fonts at most so your resume still looks simple yet professional. Avoid using the curvy and curly fonts’ choices as it will be too cute for a technical support job. You may still get confused if you don’t see the samples yourself. Therefore, here is the technical support resume template you can make as reference!