Do you want to be a travel agent? If so, the first thing you have to consider is about travel agent resume. It will be much needed to apply job as travel agent. But remember that if you want to be a travel agent, you have to be smart in arranging everything that relate to travel, such as make  deal with client, support the activities of travel agency, give the best travel package to the clients, and more.

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Now let’s we talk about the elements of travel agent resume. The resume looks like other job resume because consist of various elements that should be completed. Here are the common elements of travel agent resume:

  • Full Name and Address
  • Performance Summary

In this part, try to describe about yourself, especially the things that relate to travel agent. Make sure the sentence you use is effective and easy to understand.

  • Professional Work Experience

Write your experience in travel agent field. Write about your action or activity that has been done during becoming a travel agent. The more you have work experience, the more you will get a chance to be hired by agency or company where you send the resume.

  • Education

In this part, you can write the list of schools where you have studied. You can write it simply.

  • Computer Skills

Because some agencies or companies need travel agent who has good computer skill, so you can write about your computer skills.

There are so many templates you can use for making a good travel agent resume. But to make you easy, you can use a template which has simple design, but allows you to write about information in complete and detail format. It will help you to get best result after sending your resume to the agency or company.